Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Friday and I'm Obsessing Yet Again

Okay, I'm working the yoga socks on circulars because after the first 6 inches they're knit flat anyway. I tried. I really, really tried! I just can't get the hang of the darn double pointed needles! I seriously think that my brain is lacking some particular piece that allows one to figure out double pointed needles. I'm an intelligent person. Why the hell can't I get a handle on the darn needles?! Anyway, on to obsessing. I'm obsessing over the Lady Eleanor shawl from Scarf Style and ever since I saw Fig and Plum's finished product and she said that she was surprised at how easy it was and it's entralac and the yarn is so rustic (well, it's wool - and not superwash - so I suppose that would make it rustic). I have been looking and looking at wool and yardage and the price on all my favorite sites and some new ones. I'm also wanting to make the KnitandTonic "Not So Shrunken Cardigan". I have the pattern and I may as well face the fact that I'm going to have to spend more than $20 on both of these projects! I think I just want to "purchase". You know that feeling. You almost don't care what you buy as long as it involves knitting and it's new and it comes in the mail! I did order two circular needles from Fuzzy Mabel and I have to say that they only charged me for priority mailing (I think $3.85) and it came in two days. I bought the Inox needles with the teflon coating. I love those things and can never find them around here. They came in a clear bag tied with lavender yarn and then wrapped in lavender tissue paper! I just kept fondling the package. Almost hated to open it. I love it when things come wrapped that way. KnitPixie (okay - kpixie) wraps their packages like that too. It's a serious selling point for me!

Anyway, I'm about to leave the office. I should have left already but wanted to post something. That explains my rambling. Just so excited about knitting! I haven't had a lot of time this week so I'm hoping to knit 'til I drop.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Finished the Noro/Cornelia Tuttle "Sursa" Shawl and I have to say IT'S GORGEOUS!

Okay, so I'm bragging. But I just never seem to finish anything. Well, I might finish something but then I fail to block it and it sits forever - languishing in the world of "Pink Great Yarns Bags" (you Great Yarn shoppers know what I'm talking about. I must have 2 dozen of those pink bags!). Anyway, I used the Brooks Farm wool/mohair/silk blend yarn that I bought at the Maryland Fiber Festival. I used Misti Alpaca yarn for the ruffle. Those of you that know me know of my fear of "picking up stitches". Well, my friend Kristin showed me this easy and remarkable way of picking up stitches that I actually understood. I should give credit where credit is due - actually VV showed Kristin and Kristin showed me. I had tried and frogged that darn ruffle 3 times before Kristin helped me get it right. I've actually got the shawl in a bag in my car because I want to have it with me so that whenever I see someone I know I can yank it out and show them. Me: "Oh look - let's see what I just happen to have in my car - why it's the beautiful shawl I just finished! How in the world did that get in there?" You guys get the picture.

Oh! I got the KPixie package in the mail yesterday. Had the yoga sock pattern and the Lorna's Laces worsted in it. That yarn is so darn soft! Anyway, I'm kind of excited about getting started on them.

That's about it. Oh, the 4 year old loves the shawl. He said that I should "make a hat and a scarf to go with it and you would look soooo pretty!". Didn't show it to the 19 year old (the four year old's mother) because she came by and saw the 4 year old wearing his very favorite outfit - emerald green camisole over a Chucky Cheese t-shirt and an old pair of his Mom's hot pink backless pumps, with a Barbie coat on the top of his head as his hat and she then proceeded to stomp out of the house telling me that I was "raising him wrong" and was going to be the cause of his "being gay". She left and I hugged him and told him he looked absolutely great in what he had on.

Ain't motherhood/grandmotherhood grand?!

Monday, February 20, 2006

The blog finally appeared!

I've been trying for days to "view" my blog but it's like it wasn't there. There wasn't a note saying that it was gone or anything. It's just that everytime I tried to view the blog it was just a completely blank white page. Anyway, weekend's over and I was able to knit with friends on Sunday. I've got the KnitandTonic "Not Quite So Shrunken Cardigan" and I'm now ready to start it. Of course I don't have the yarn yet. Found the Silky Tweed on sale though at It's $7.95 everywhere else and they have several colors on sale for $5.00. My friend VV made it and said it's a really great knit. I ordered the Mac & Me "Yoga Socks" pattern on Friday and order the Lorna's Laces worsted yarn that they recommended. I ordered the blackpurl colorway. I always say that I hate knitting socks but I want so badly to make these for my niece, Maggie. She's a dancer and these would be perfect. I've got the #3 and #5 double points. Now I just have to wait for the yarn to arrive. Will she or won't she finish the yoga socks?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What to finish first?!

I'm in the throes of finishing the red shawl. I'm using a KnitNet tubetop stitch pattern for the shawl. I used Koigu handpainted yarn and it's beautiful. Ripped out the Rowan Summer Tweed sweater I'd started for the 14 year old (yep - she's gone from 13 to 14 since I blogged back in November). I'm using a Peace Fleece pullover pattern instead. With this pattern it will still be slouchy but there will be a snowball-chance-in-hell that I'll actually finish it before she turns 15. The 19 year old is in trouble "with the law" yet again. I saw with with a southern drawl - hoping to give it the sort of Dukes of Hazzard/Billy Jack lean. Does anyone out there actually remember the movie "Billy Jack" besides myself? When I was in high school that was a cult movie. I mean EVERYBODY THAT WAS ANYBODY had to see that movie. It was a sort of rebel movie. Don't really know what to compare it to. If you were to watch it today you'd probably laugh hysterically at how poorly it was performed but at the time it seemed so "deep". Anyway, enough of that. Let's just say that I'm not knitting the 19 year old anything right now - unless it's a blanket for ther jail cell. I know - it's not funny. I have to laugh or I might cry.

Waiting patiently (okay - so not really patiently) for the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits to go on the stand. Noticed that one of the knitting internet sites already had it for sale but I'm trying oh-so-hard to wait until it hits my local yarn store - Great Yarns. It's supposed to hit the racks on the 21st but I think I'll call them again today - just in case.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm back!

I can't believe it! I finally got back in. I lost my username and password and I've been trying for weeks to get the info. back from blogspot. I will blog some tomorrow. Gotta get the heck out of dodge right now. Headed home to knit!

Monday, November 07, 2005

What the Heck is Happening to the Knitting Magazines?!

Can the patterns get any uglier?! Okay, so this may be a slight exaggeration but geez. By favorite by far is still Interweave Knits. They never disappointment. NOrmally I love to pick up the Family Circle Easy Knitting because there's usually something in it that I like but this time 90% of what I saw was just ugly. Picked up the Vogue Knitting Holiday issue on Saturday although I have to say that the photography and hte makeup and hair on the models is gorgeous (what do we expect - it's Vogue for pete's sake!) some of hte pattern looked like something that your grandmother would have made for you back in 1964. Negative, negative negative! I realize that. I'm just disappointed I guess. I realize that everyone's tastes are different but it seems like they could tell what's really popular and what people are hungering for if they'd just read all the knitting blogs out there. Now that would be my dream job! Someone needs to hire me to read all the blogs and keep up with what's popular, etc. I'm serious! Okay, here I am. I'm waiting. Of course now that I've criticized their magazines, it's unlikely that they'll be dying to hire me. Anyway, just in case Vogue, Family Circle and you there Interweave - if you want to reach me you can get me here.

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages but I feel like I've had a sort of Bloggers Block if you know what I mean. Plus, I've been dealing with two truly selfish teenage parents who don't want to really help me with their child - the Wee One. The Wee One will be 4 years old on Sunday. He wants a McDonald's or Chuckie Cheese party but his Daddy has informed me that the party will be at his brother's house and his mother (Dad's side of the family is Peruvian) will be cooking. This will actually be very nice but I don't think that the Wee One realizes that yet. Plus, he wants a mermaid doll for his birthday (don't ask me where the idea came from) but I know that his Dad will have a fit if I suggest that. I'm getting it for him though. To hell with the whole macho thing. I'm the one that takes care of him every day and knows his likes and dislikes and the child wants a mermaid doll! Plus, I'm trying to finish his hoodie. I think it will be Christmas before it's finished though. Oh well, I'm off to knit some more.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm starting to get paranoid about my knitting speed

I mean, damn - if I read one more blog that says "I just finished that Rowan cardi that I started last weekend and I'm on the last few stitches of the lace shawl, so it might take me a couple of more days to finish the Noro coat that I'm working on for my Mom's birthday!". How are these people knitting so fast?! It started with the gal at I noticed a few years ago that she was knitting at break-neck speed. She is single and doesn't have children and has some down time on her job from time to time though so I figured hey - that's understandable. Then there's the blue blog Mom with twins. I just don't know how she designs patterns, knits them up and zips out two of things so quickly. I've even had knitting friends say that they don't believe it. Well of course they should believe it. It's happening to often not to be true! It's starting to get scarey. I just read a post where the gal was finishing up the sweater, and mind you, this isn't a sweater that she started on a year ago (like me) and is now finishing it. She's started it just a few weeks ago. Now she's starting on a new lace shawl but she's almost finished with another. I mean, this gal works. She's busy like the rest of us. I JUST DON'T GET IT! Then there's the gal, with small child, and (to hear her tell it) a wealthy husband. Now I can't mention her blog because it's rather popular and I'm afraid she might read this (then again, no one reads this so what am I worried about? just flattering myself) and she'd know I was talking behind her blog (get it? behind her blog instead of behind her back?! I'm laughing at my own little joke here.) Okay, back to this gal. She's currently making me sick with her: "Finished the sweater, started two more and I'm half way through with both, while at the same time I'm doing my nails (well, actually someone else is doing them) and having a massage and I'm designing yet another new sweater in my head and I'll have it on the blog in just a few minutes and if you need it sized up or down just e-mail me because I can also have that done in just a few seconds because I obviously don't have to watch my child at all or maybe I've just got her tied up somewhere". OKAY, I'LL SHUT UP NOW.

It's Fri. and I'm going to go home and try to squeeze in a few rows on too many projects and then I'll vent again on Monday. I've ordered yet another shawl pattern (saw one of the employees in my local yarn store with it the other day and fell in love with it) and haven't even touched the skirt pattern or cardigan pattern that I purchased recently. Oh, Fawn, don't let me forget to give you a copy of that cardigan pattern. And yes, people, I'm sharing a pattern!

Have a great weekend!